Apple Music or Spotify, Which one should you choose?

As music streaming services become more and more popular every music lover at one point or another will find themselves in the dilemma of Apple music vs. Spotify. Today there are many music streaming services ranging from the likes of Tidal, X Box, Google play to Spotify and Apple music. Looking at the number of subscribers however Spotify and Apple music stands out from the crowd having the biggest number of subscribers which are 50 million and 20 million premium subscribers respectively. That is the reason many music lovers often face the dilemma of Apple music vs. Spotify when choosing between the two. As much as this may seem like an easy question to answer, its answer is dependent on very many factors making the question complex to address fully. If you are having a difficulty choosing between the two I suggest that you stick around as we explore Apple music vs. Spotify based on different characteristics and features of the two services.

Looking at the costs of both services there is no difference since both Apple Music and Spotify accounts cost $9.99 each per month. Both music streaming services also have family packages that can be used by up to six subscribers at a cost of $ 14.99. Pricing is therefore not a basis for choosing any of the two streaming services over the other.

Looking at the numbers, it is evident that Spotify is the biggest music streaming service in the world. The numbers may however not mean anything since it started operations 9 years before Apple music hence its leverage may only be based entirely on first entry into the market. Basing on the fact that Apple music came 9 years after Spotify but is still managing to catch on, it is a clear indication of the strong completion that Spotify is facing from Apple music at the moment. The sudden rise of Apple music may however not be based on its superiority in terms of service but rather it’s backing from a global mobile giant. Prospective iOS subscribers looking for better compatibility with their phones as well as Siri will, therefore, find Apple Music a better option.

Apple Music is currently available in 161 countries on various devices that use the Apple Operating systems including iPhones, iPods, iPads, Macs as well as personal computers running iTunes and even Apples Smart watches. On the other hand, Spotify is available in only sixty countries but is compatible with devices running on both Android and iOs operating systems it is also available on Amazon, the Web among other places.

Each of the two music streaming services offers different music qualities. Apple music’s highest quality stands at 256 kbps while Spotify’s stands at 320 kbps. In this case, therefore, Spotify offers the highest sound quality. As much as Spotify offers the highest quality it may not be a substantial reason to choose it over Apple Music since only an audiophile can be able to note the difference.

One major advantage that Spotify has over Apple music is its advertisements-tier free account.The free account allows new subscribers to enjoy streaming and get a feel for the services before committing themselves to purchasing the premium package. If you are the type that only buys after doing all the background checks which I assume you are considering you are taking the time to read this article then Spotify may be a better shot for you. Both services also allow its users to create their own music lists of any kind and access the lists from almost every device anywhere they are at any particular moment.

Both services offer radio stations to listen to, the difference, however, is that Apple Music offers radio stations depending on the genre of music or artists you love. Apple Music also has one dedicated radio known as Beats 1 hosted by popular music personalities such as a DJ Julie Adenuga and Ebro Daden. Spotify on the other hand offer suitable radio services to its clientele based on the calculation of the Echo Nest algorithm.

As evident above the two music streaming platforms are the same in very many different aspects. The only major difference here is that Spotify is a cross platform service designed to be used in almost any single device while Apple Music is optimized for iOS and Mac Operating systems. Your choice of music streaming should, therefore, depend on whether you want to strictly remain within the Apple eco-system or move out to explore more devices.

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