Top 5 Cell Phone Car Mounts

When driving, your smartphone is more than just a communication tool. It is your road trip GPS and music playlist as well, and for safety sake, the best way to have your phone in view while still having your eyes on the road and hands on the wheel is mounting it on the dashboard, air vents or windshield.

The different types of cell phone mounts available in the market make it hard for people to know the best option for them. There are those options that are expensive with widgets and features that you can’t even apply. Here is a review of the best mounts based on consumer reactions, in no specific order:

  1. iOttie Easy One Touch 2

iOttie Easy One Touch 2 is an adjustable mount that is easy to attach. It has a telescopic arm that allows you to set the desired distance between you and your phone. Furthermore, it has an adjustable base so that you can position it wherever you want.

The mount just requires a single touch to lock and contains a gel pad that is semi-sticky to hold your phone in place after clamping it.

The mount is popular because of its flexibility. It can hold well under extreme cold and heat; it doesn’t fall or warp, it supports various phones and can easily be adjusted for the comfort of the driver or the passenger. The mount is relatively cheap.

  1. Logi ZeroTouch Mount

Logi ZeroTouch needs a smartphone app to work. The application is available for both Android and iOS users. This gadget gives you hands-free control to make and receive calls, text, find destinations and navigate roads. All these are done through voice commands.

You magnetically attach your smartphone to the phone holder to activate the app without unnecessary taps, unlocking or menus, then with your voice and wave of your hand, you are in total control!

  1. iDoo Qi Car Charger

iDoo Qi is an amazing mount that not just holds your phone tightly in place, but also offers wireless charging for your phone, as well as space for a charging cable.

This mount has three options for installing; windshield mount, air vent clips and dashboard mount. Its arm is adjustable to the comfort of the user to avoid glare

  1. RAM Mount Suction Cup

This suction cup mount enables one to customize the direction that you want your phone to be and can hold any smartphone on its easy to use the suction cup. The suction cup is strong and can withstand heavy smartphones for an extended period without becoming weak and fall off.

The mount has several sockets for adjusting to desired angles and has rubber tips that let you hold your phone both vertically and horizontally without it slipping.

Despite being a bit expensive, this product lasts much longer compared to others.

  1. WizGear Car Mount Universal Air Vent Magnetic

WizGear is a simple mount that can fit in your pocket! The design is so simple, just a vent clip that is magnetic, which attaches your smartphone using a magnetized backing plate.

You can place this mount right over the air vent. The air vent will calm your device in case it gets hot from using GPS and other programs.

Final thought

Each of these mounts has distinct advantages and disadvantages and fits in different situations. You need to consider where your car is going to be as well as how often you use your phone while driving. The durability, affordability, and versatility are the ultimate qualities to look for self-satisfaction!

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