Top 5 Motorcycle GPSs

Navigating with a smartphone may not be the best solution while riding your motorcycle. It is a good idea to buy the best GPS device to prevent risks of injury and even death. Below are some sophisticated motorcycle GPS devices that can help save the day.

  1. Garmin Zumo 595:

If you an adventurous motorcycle rider, then the Garmin Zumo 595 LM is a good choice. It can stand against harsh condition because of the product is designed from durable materials. Users will be able to reach their final destination when using this GPS device. The is possible because of the high-end personalized features that the product offers. With outsized controls and screens, you will enjoy your ride when using this GPS device. It is easy to use the product even under all lighting conditions.

  1. TomTom 400 Motorcycle GPS:

If you like to travel and take on adventorous activities, then the TomTom 400 is a great device to use. This GPS will help personalize your journey and help you ply through the most unusual environments. With this device, users have the opportunity to re-route so as to avoid veavy traffic and clement weather.

  1. Garmin Zumo 395 LM:

As one of the reputable products of Garmin, the Zumo 395 LM is durable, classic and sophisticated. With pinpoint accuracy, this motorcycle GPS will help you navigate through any location. To get information about environmental conditions and traffic, the device make use of updated data. One amazing thing about the Garmin Zumo 395 LM is its strong battery. If your quest is for a long ride, then the Garmin Zumo 395 LM remains the perfect choice.

  1. The Garmin Zumo 660:

If you like hitting the road everytime, then look no further than buying the Garmin Zumo 660. It can work for people who like recreational activities of daily bike riding. The maps of the device are comprehensive and come with premium features to aid easy driving.

  1. The Garmin Drivesmart 70 LMT:

If you have a motorcycle that is everyday commute, this product can work well. It comes with a warning alert feature that help you on railroads, crosswalks and other locations. It will provide you information on traffic jam alerts. Even with speed cameras and current red light alerts, the Garmin Drivermart 70 LMT will provide you the best solution.


While there are tons of motorcycle GPS devices in the market, you can start with the ones listed in this article. This will help you stay updated while on the roads, railways, crosswalks and even for adventurous.

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